Through the Grace of Lord Venkateswara, Babuji was able to give a shape to the divine thoughts amidst so many tests and trials. Vedhas, Upanishads, Puranas, epics – all these came through revered souls for the true betterment of the human race. But, in the present times, more than ninety percent of the people are not following these. They are busy in developing meaningless imaginary skills within themselves and in giving shapes to them through the scientific media (tv, internet, mobiles and so on). They blindly go after them. The life built on these ever changing meaningless things is bound to be lost in the world of pandemonium. Sathya (Truthfulness) and Dharma (Righteousness) are unchangeable, eternal. Human life is based only on these qualities. If we practice Sathya and Dharma in the right way, we too can become divine.

In this work, the fact that ‘people can apply the spiritual values even in the modern world and can advance in their real progress’ has been made clear.

-Saraswathi Ammal, 
Mother of Babuji (Author)

* * * 


During 2019, on an important occasion in India, I met Babuji, and he came up to me and gave me a copy of his publication, which made me wonder to see that the  book had been turned into a Chinese. I saw that the name was “God is in our land,” and at that moment, I felt the divinity in Babuji beckoning to me. Back in Taiwan, I’m going to talk over and over again, and i’m thinking about a book called “Conversation With God” which beholds the sayings of God to everyone. I think Babuji opened his ears, and he heard God’s mission.

I like the passage in which he cancels his outward travel, decides to travel inward, and says, “People see God by their own light”.  He says, “One can not observe the reality of the light outside, without the light inside. To see this inner light, the eyes of Wisdom and Love are required”. God is in our land, God is in our place. 

-Stone Shi, 
Entrepreneur, Taiwan


Since the Author Babuji is dearly known to me for long years and also for that he is the one who knows what Siva Neri (discipline of Siva) is, I wish him that his spiritual remarks and concepts would spread all over the world.

Though this book (God is in our land) is released in the World Tamil Conference held at Angkor Vat, in 2018, it is beyond any sectarian, linguistic, religional and other differences. It holds a common message which fits good to the whole human kind. The message is:

‘God is in every being’. Many of us might already know about it, still, here the message is dealt with novelty, practical guidelines and also with the traditional background.

We can not retrieve world peace through weapons and scientific developments. Only through books like this, peace of the self can be established; so that the chances for sensible world peace are sowed. To this extent, the author of this book, had realised his goal in full and also executed it with perfection and maturity.

Hail to the Lord of the south ! Hail to the Lord of all nations !

Through these lines the author had interpreted the principle of Saivism in yogic way. Though the first line depicts that the Lord belongs to the south, the next line propagates that the Lord is common to all. Our duty of spreading the universality of the Lord is also inherent in that.

The line ‘Menmai kol Saiva Needhi vilanguga ulagamellam’ in the Tamil poem starting with ‘Vaanmugil vazhadhu peiga’, emphasizes this spreading. The author has known that Siva Neri or the doctrine of God means being kind to the living beings and also bearing the wisdom of/about the Self. All his ten works are creeping on this doctrine. I hope and wish him that he would spread this doctrine, the path to the whole world.

Dr. M. Thirumeni,
Former Principal, Rajah Serfoji Government College,
Thanjavore, Tamil Nadu.

In these hard days, when you are struggling to maintain even your family life or office life, here is a man who had entered very deep into the subject, in the spiritual realm. Babuji feels that he has got something to say to this world. He believes he had enough experiences to tell what he intended to tell. He might have kept silent and led his normal life. But he preferred to come forward to expose his findings which should be made available across the ages. That’s what made him author these ten books, all combined to one voluminous book. I was not merely admiring, but wondering to see how he has entered or connected very deeply to all these subjects.

-Professor Sundararajan,
Pachaiyappan College,
Chennai, Tamil Nadu


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