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Dear soul,

Peace be with you! Those who are capable and willing would pay and get these books. But it should not be the case for everyone. Money would not be a limiting factor in the field of spirituality. Those who need it, those who sincerely seek it, will find it in one way or the other. That’s why you happen to be here! There’s a way for you to get free access to these books which would help many others as well, it is the library way. ‘I need deep introspection of atman (collection)’ contains all the ten titles. To get a free copy of it, please register yourself and send an email to through the registered email id with the subject line ‘Library copy’. In your email, please specify the address of the library to which the book has to be sent. Of course, you need to get the consent of the concerned librarian beforehand. We will send the book to the library absolutely for free. This is the author’s direct gift to you and to all those who have interest and initiative. Already the collection of core books had been sent to more than 100 libraries. I would like to share another piece of information here. I would like to hand over this web site to an entity which has trust in India’s universality; I believe such a trust can work impartially for bringing peace both in the heart and in the globe. Happy reading! May the indwelling master ever be with you and guide you! 

Awake in the Truth!

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